In these three videos, Integration Architect Kim Clark explains the inter-relationships among microservices and APIs, SOA, and agile, including when and where to use each or a combination.

Microservices or SOA: How to start an argument?

“Microservices relate to application architecture; SOA relates to the broader, enterprise-level service exposure.”

In this first video, which has an accompanying blog post, Kim explores the relationship between the topic and service-oriented architectures (SOA), outlining the strengths and weaknesses of both and how to decide where and when to use them in your project.

Microservices or APIs: Which should I choose?

“By definition, an API is an interface. An interface decouples the caller from the implementation.”

In this video, as in the related blog post, Kim dives a little deeper into the comparison and describes the common misconceptions between the technology and APIs and provides clear, crisp definitions of both, concluding with a summary of the fundamentals.

Friends, enemies, or frenemies?

“Do microservices force us to look differently at the way we lay down and evolve our integration architecture or are they purely about how we build applications?”

This final video (above), is the full length webinar from which the other two videos were derived, and stems from the original 2016 article. Kim (along with help from Brian Petrini) digs deeper into the core concepts and discusses whether or not microservices is new or a progression of existing ideas.

These discussions have evolved since these original videos were created into a vision for modernizing existing enterprise landscapes that is now referred to as “agile integration architecture.”

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