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Testing Microservices

Join Rick as he welcomes back Shahir Daya, Distinguished Engineer and CTO of Cloud Application Development for IBM Global Business Services, to discuss testing in microservices-based systems. Covering why testing is so very important in these cutting-edge systems and what types of tests have evolved to support microservices-based architectures, Shahir dives into some of the on-going client engagements to discuss some of the successes & learnings that go along with developing Enterprise-scale applications in the microservices domain.

Topics covered this week:

  1. Why is testing even more important in microservices-based architectures?
  2. What are the prominent types of tests that are most important in MSA?
  3. How does testing change in a Cloud environment versus a managed on-premises environment?
  4. How have dedicated testing tools & services evolved to support Cloud Native applications?
  5. How are clients most successful in testing their microservices-based development?

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