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CI & CD Automation with Microservices

Kyle Brown joins Rick again this week to discuss how to effectively automate your microservices projects, with the use of the original DevOps innovations – Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery. Through numerous client engagements, Kyle details the good, the bad, and the ugly requirements necessary for automating microservices and taking them from code check-in to production.

Topics covered this week:

  1. Just what is Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery?
  2. How do you attack CI & CD in your projects?
  3. How to break out of “optimized crawling” and getting to walk and run in your projects?
  4. How do you efficiently coordinate automation across teams and projects?
  5. How does CI & CD automation produce higher-quality and better validated software?
  6. Who really owns CI & CD from a responsibility point of view?
  7. How does CI & CD automation let you sleep at night?

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