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Operations & Management, Part 1

Rick and Kyle are joined by Ingo Averdunk, Distinguished Engineer – Service Management for IBM Hybrid Cloud, to discuss the advancements in full-scale Enterprise IT Management and Operations led by the onset of microservices adoption. Covering everything from the problems with Traditional IT monitoring to new methodologies & practices, like ChatOps, this is part one of a two-part session that is critical to keep your entire microservices stack up and running!

Topics covered this week:

  1. What are major operational differences from a microservices point-of-view?
  2. What have we learned from running large microservice deployments with clients?
  3. How have microservices impacted traditional DevOps practices?
  4. Automation’s impact to Operations – Symptoms or Problems?
  5. How can Service Management, as a practice, integrate with microservice lifecycles?
  6. ChatOps – Why it’s all the rage!

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