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Operations & Management, Part 2

Picking up where our previous episode left off, this week Rick is joined again by Ingo Averdunk, Distinguished Engineer – Service Management for IBM Hybrid Cloud, and adds in Robert Barron, Senior Solution Engineer – IBM Cloud Architecture & Solution Engineering. Following the initial discussion from last week, Robert takes Rick & Ingo through a deep-dive of implementing a cloud native management & operations solution for a microservices-based architecture. This covers net-new tooling, open-source, and existing Enterprise IT offerings, all working together in unison for a full 360-degree view of a microservices application.

Topics this week include:

  1. How do we select our functional service management toolset?
  2. How difficult is handling an increase in events monitoring & incidence?
  3. Automation, Patterns, & Templates go a long way!
  4. What does a real-world reference implementation contain?
  5. How do you build evolutionary architectures?

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