Dave Riess, Co-Founder and CTO, Wunder Capital

Dave Riess, Co-Founder and CTO, Wunder Capital

One of the most interesting questions facing developers today is how to make early architecturing decisions that preserve agility, but also enable scale, both in terms of load and complexity. Also increasingly relevant is how early stage companies can take pragmatic steps to ensure the security of their sensitive data, without incurring massive development costs.

In Episode 8 of The New Builders, Dave Riess (@DaveRiess), Wunder Capital Co-Founder and CTO, explains how he’s confronted these questions, and how he’s incorporated elements of both monoliths and microservices into Wunder’s architectural design. Riess describes the factors that pushed Wunder Capital toward a hybrid approach (8:40), the authentication challenges associated with breaking an app into services (10:40), and how open source projects like Rails have helped Wunder Capital overcome limited dev resources (11:37).

Learn more by tuning in to Microservices TV and checking out Glynn Bird’s article on OpenWhisk, the new Bluemix service for building with microservice architectures.

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