Martin Packer (Principal z Systems Investigator) and Marna Walle (z/OS Development) are two IBMers talking about whatever z/OS topics come to mind.  Often guest experts weigh in on current technologies.  This podcast will give you timely, interesting, and entertaining z/OS topics.  Each episode comprises a “Mainframe” item, a “Performance” item, and “Topics” which is anything Martin or Marna care to talk about, which might or might not be related to their jobs.  So it goes…

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Episode 3 “Getting Better”

Marna Walle, Martin Packer, and special guest Glenn Wilcock discuss DFSMShsm using zEnterprise Data Compresssion. Martin gives some advice on how to be a better performance specialist (which isn't limited just to performance specialists). Also discussed is using mind maps for understanding concepts that fit in a tree-structure.

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