Watch quick conversations with a new generation of coders and creators about why they chose IBM Z and what they’re able to do with the system.

In this series:

  • Christos Pietris, Content Strategist and Host, IBM

See how new coders use mainframe tools
See how new coders use the mainframe with other technologies

In this series, New Faces of IBM Z, Content Strategist Christos Pietris hosts quick conversations with a new generation of coders and creators about why they chose IBM Z and what they’re able to do with the system.

“Escaping my comfort zone”

Luisa Martinez, a Z Function Tester with the IBM z/OS UNIX System Services Development team, describes why she wanted to learn something new and get out of her comfort zone by working on the mainframe. Her move led to new mobile technologies that do runtime diagnostics.

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“Splunking the mainframe”

Experian Mainframe Graduate Alex Stuart has covered a lot of ground with big iron, including systems administration, DBA, automation and enterprise systems management and at present, he’s applying Splunk to IBM Z. Splunk is a product that captures, indexes, and correlates real-time data in a searchable repository, after which it generate graphs, reports, alerts, dashboards, and visualizations. Alex recognizes this application as expanding the ways developers can “see” machine data from across an organization by being able to identify data patterns.

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“What red tape?”

Rocket Software Engineer Lodewyk van der Westhuizen says “Red tape? There’s no red tape with mainframe.” Lodewyk’s first job is all about creating tools for the frame and he’s found that open source seems to work fine with big iron. He continues to build his tools in Java and just plug into the back end with a Java library. “I don’t have to climb a large learning curve to work with the mainframe,” Lodewyk says.

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“Saving time”

IBM z/OS Staff Software Engineer Ryan Rawlins met the mainframe through an internship when he was at RIT. Now he function tests for z/OS – he takes code from developers and writes a test plan and test cases for it that will be used to drive the code into exhaustion, searching for vulnerabilities. One of the coolest things he’s done was with JCL; he worked with the Automatic Binary Optimizer (ABO) which reduces CPU utilization of COBOL applications without having to recompile the app.

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“Unlocking doors”

Rocket Software Engineering Intern Ari Kenney’s teacher in high school was super-invested in the IBM Master the Mainframe contest and pushed Ari into it several times – he won the North American segment his junior year. And Ari learned quickly that all the data on legacy systems and the their reliability mean that “old” mainframe skills are in high demand as many new coders go for the cutting-edge languages.

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