Romeo chats with Nick O’Leary about the past, present, and future of Node-RED.

In this video:

Romeo sits down to talk with Nick O’Leary, the creator of Node-RED, which is now an open source project in the Javascript Foundation. Learn why and how Nick created Node-RED, essentially as an easy way to visualize message flows. Romeo gets Nick talking about why he used Node.js in building Node-RED. They talk about some of the technical details around performance, scalability, and architecture of Node-RED. They talk about the future of Node-RED, where Nick talks about GitHub integration or better workflow with multiple developers working in Node-RED, and managing it in the open source project and within the IBM Cloud service.

How data gets from A to B is not the point; what I DO with the data is what’s interesting.

Nick wraps up by requesting that developers get involved in this open source JS Foundation project, send feedback, contribute nodes, or help with its documentation.

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