Earlier this summer, the Offline First community hosted its first ever Offline Camp (@OfflineCamp), a three-day retreat in the Catskill Mountains where 30-plus campers convened – appropriately, off the grid – to discuss issues around Offline First development. Thanks to guest host Jenn Turner (@jennwrites), The New Builders captured some of the sounds from Offline Camp through interviews with some of the organizers, attendees and session presenters:

  • Gregor Martynus (@gr2m) of Hoodie walks through the process of organizing Offline Camp and shares some background from the last few years he’s spent helping build the Offline First community (9:05)

Gregor Martynus, Hoodie

Gregor Martynus
  • Mapzen’s Julian Simioni (@juliansimioni) discusses his interest in offline maps and the concept of open, sharable data (18:13)

Julian Simioni, Mapzen

Julian Simioni
  • Cure International CTO Joel Worrall (@tangollama) explains how the HospitalRun open source project requires offline-capable applications to serve hospitals in the developing world (24:20)

Joel Worrall HospitalRun

Joel Worrall
  • Pedro Teixeira (@pgte), Partner and Chief Futurist at YLD, explores the ways in which Offline First development is a fundamentally new and different approach for developers (31:00)

Pedro Teixeira YLD

Pedro Teixeira
  • Jane Kim (@janecakemaster), who built the offline-capable exquisite texts collaborative poem generation app, shares a user perspective on apps that work without a network connection (43:34)

Jane Kim

Jane Kim
  • Nick Colley (@NickColley), from the UK’s Government Digital Service, explains his contributions to the PouchDB community and the front-end design implications of Offline First development (48:56)
  • IBM Developer Advocate Bradley Holt (@BradleyHolt), who co-organized Offline Camp and happens to be a frequent contributor to the New Builders podcast, closes the show by talking about future plans for the Offline First community (54:58)

Bradley Holt, Developer Advocate, IBM Cloud Data Services

Bradley Holt

For more stories from Offline Camp and more conversations about Offline First, check out OfflineFirst.org or join the community on Slack.

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