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Learn how to build your own Offline First shopping list app with vanilla JavaScript and PouchDB in this step-by-step demo.
The app is a small single page web application, designed to allow multiple shopping lists to be created and consisting of an HTML file, CSS files, JavaScript files, and the PouchDB library but no other JavaScript frameworks. It will demonstrate the trait of persistance using the in-browser database PouchDB; this will allow your data to survive between sessions, when disconnected, and also allow the data to be synced to the cloud and shared across devices.

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1 comment on"Build a persistent, Offline First app with JS and PouchDB"

  1. Hi there, love this tutorial thank you. Does each user of the app require their own database in Cloudant or is there a way to have all users in the one shopping-list database. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks

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