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How IBM can help you stay out in front in a rapidly changing technology world | Simplified Kubernetes makes container clustering easier | Take your dog to INDEX-SF | Mozilla paves the way on connecting to developers | Figuring out quantum computing, one step at a time | Win yourself a Q prize | All you need to set up a multi-data Cassandra cluster center on Kubernetes | How to manage credentials on a Kubernetes cluster | What’s new in live coding events
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How a developer keeps up with rapid change

Lightbend director of developer advocacy Markus Eisele talks about INDEX-SF as one way you can keep from falling behind in your industry.

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Go to INDEX-SF, Feb 20

Use Docker to build, ship, and run Kubernetes apps

Explore great developer feedback from Patrick Chanezon about how Docker has simplified Kubernetes.

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Explore containers and orchestration code patterns
Watch more knowledge videos on container tech

Your dog wants to go to INDEX

You should take him to learn how to code, February 20.

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So, how do you connect with your developers?

Mozilla’s Sandra Persing talks about the Mozilla roadshow and the latest concerns and excitement-generating technologies coders are buzzing about.

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Learn more about the Mozilla developer roadshow
Join the roadshow on GitHub

Get out ahead of the quantum shell game

Kevin Casey discusses his tutorial, delivering a developer’s eye view on the IBM Q Experience.

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Welcome to the Q Experience
Read Kevin’s take

Claim your Q prize

IBM Q Prize submissions are now open. Rev up your quarks!

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Register for your Q prize

The 10 steps to set up a multi-data center Cassandra cluster on Kubernetes

Rakesh Jain explains what they are and why you WANT to do this.

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Folks, you’ve credentials to manage on your Kubernetes cluster

Doug Tidwell tells you, finally, the key to deliver usernames and passwords to applications running in a Kubernetes cluster.

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Explore containers and orchestration code patterns
Watch more knowledge videos on container tech

Did someone say INDEX-SF?

It’s not to late to get to INDEX in San Francisco, starting February 20, 2018.

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Get dev knowledge here, live

Calvin Powers wants you to start your development career off right, and what better way to do that than to dive into a sea of live, interactive coding events. (Also available in replays.)

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