Watch this demo of an event-driven IoT scenario that uses serverless technology powered by OpenWhisk, that highlights an edge-to-cloud scenario that integrates Watson IoT Platform, OpenWhisk, and Bluemix services, and that shows the programming models and their benefits relative to traditional cloud development approaches.

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  • Daniel Krook, Senior Software Engineer, Distinguished IT specialist, Master Inventor, and member of the IBM Academy of Technology

In this IoT solution, a network-connected refrigerator sends status messages about its parts to the Watson IoT Platform service in Bluemix. Watson IoT Platform triggers an action in OpenWhisk that triggers other actions, eventually communicating to the refrigerator owner about the status of its parts.

IoT solution overview

Daniel demos the actions and triggers in Eclipse Paho, as well as the code behind those actions and triggers.

OpenWhisk actions and triggers

This serverless, event-driven programming model is a natural fit for the Internet of Things, and it can help appliance vendors streamline customer service.

If you’d like to explore the code behind this sample IoT solution, Daniel has included it along with thorough documentation in his openfridge repo on GitHub.

Learn more about OpenWhisk

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As part of the IBM Cloud Dragon Dojo show, Daniel Krook was interviewed by Angel Diaz, about some of the latest IBM innovations around OpenWhisk, serverless technology, event-driven architecture and bots.

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