Learn how to build an SMS-based “Magic 8 Ball” app so you and your friends can get answers to life’s most important questions. Just send your question to the application via SMS text message and the Magic 8 Ball app will send back the answer.


In this live coding event, you’ll learn everything you need to build the application using the Twilio service and Node-RED. You’ll learn how to customize the Magic 8 Ball’s responses to amuse your friends. You’ll also learn how to deploy your app to the cloud to get it up and running quickly.


This live coding event is a great way for beginners to get started with Node-RED and node.js programming.


Visit the “Build a SMS Magic 8-ball via Twilio service” recipe page for step by step instructions for building this app.

Resources for you

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1 comment on"Replay: Build an SMS-based Magic 8 Ball App with Node-RED"

  1. I watched the live version … you guys were great. I’d love to see you walk us thru other developer hacks with nodeR.

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