Playing “RockPaperScissors” with Marvin the Robot is a great way to demonstrate the programming power of Apache Spark.

David Taieb talks to Turbo Todd Watson at the “Rock, Paper, Scissors” booth in Dev @ at Interconnect 2016.

David says this is a way for his team to promote IBM Analytics for Apache Spark. The first iteration of their “Rock, Paper, Scissors” project was built last year on iPads. Every time a user plays, it generates an event that goes into the Spark system on the back end. The events are analyzed with predictive analytics and the app learns as it plays. This year they took the same basic application and moved it to a robot. Their robot is named “Marvin.” Like the iPad based apps, he is connected to Apache Spark on Bluemix and predictive analytics in the back end.

David discusses some of the applications that can make use of Apache Spark and predictive analytics. He mentions gaming scenarios where the app is playing against many people simultaneously. Thanks to Apache Spark, streaming analytics, and predictive analytics, a lot of data can be processed. He also notes that these technologies can be used to monitor streams of credit card transactions to detect fraudulent transactions.

David notes that the componentry involved in these applications is easy to use. The app behind Marvin was written by two people in three weeks, thanks to the Bluemix platform and it’s ecosystem of tools.

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