Explore IBM Guardium’s rich set of APIs and how they are mapped to REST web services in this overview and live demo.

In this video:

  • Joe DiPietro, IBM Center of Excellence
  • Guy Galil, IBM

IBM Guardium possesses a rich set of RESTful APIs you can use to automate data security and compliance processes and maintain the system, and in this presentation, Joe DiPietro and Guy Galil will provide an overview of these APIs and present a live demo of the capabilities using real-life scenarios.

This video dovetails nicely with the developerWorks tutorial Using the IBM InfoSphere Guardium REST API which shows you how to automate, integrate, and innovate with data security and compliance software. In Guardium, API functions have been mapped to REST web services that use the HTTP methods (or verbs) GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE and JSON as the payload format – this makes it easy for you to construct the REST URL.

Build in security, from app development to system maintenance.

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