In this in-depth Devoxx Belgium session, you will learn how Watson uses deep learning to find and present answers to technical questions.

In this video:

In this session from the Devoxx Belgium 2016 conference, Sandhya Kapoor, Stephan Janssen, Daniel De Luca, and James Weaver demonstrate Sherlock, the more developed version of an “ask Devoxx” Watson search-and-find prototype they created for an earlier conference.

The prototype was designed to see if Watson could help to find technical answers in a library of documentation. To help in those time that you don’t find the answer when Google and Stack Overflow fail you. You know, cognitive search; they hooked it up to the Devoxx library of videos and articles.

The team walks you through the project to date, using the Speech to text service and Concept Insights APIs to build a cognitive engine to find technical videos and articles. They demonstrate how to use Concept Insights to make better decisions when analyzing quantities of unstructured data.

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