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Here are the show notes for Episode 0 “Sic Parvis Magna” (“Greatness From Small Beginnings”).

We’re structuring each podcast episode (loosely) in three parts:

We’ll post useful links and supplementary information in each episode’s show notes.


Our “Mainframe” topic is about an SPE to z/OS 2.1 for SDSF.


APARs mentioned were:


Our “Performance” topic is about detecting address spaces in support of FPGA cards.

FPGA Card Support Address Space Detection

Some useful information on the new PCIE and FPGHWAM address spaces is here.


Other things we discussed were:

And if you think Naughty Dog made up “sic parvis magna” see here.

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14 comments on"Episode 0 “Sic Parvis Magna” (“Greatness From Small Beginnings”)"

  1. Joe Babcock March 18, 2016

    Have about 45 years of OS experience, most if not all as sysprog, performance, and capacity person. (MVT, MVS, MVS/SE, MVS SP, MVS XA, MVS ESA, OS390, zOS; see a theme here?) Glad to find another source of good information and fun.

    • Marna WALLE March 31, 2016

      Joe, thanks! I like your background :). If you have any ideas for future topics, please let us know.

  2. Great fun, and I learned something new. Sorry, but I Have zero interest in PS2. This first podcast did feel a bit too scripted, but keep it up. It’s good stuff and we’ll point people to it when we can. Thanks! Cheryl

    • Marna WALLE March 31, 2016

      Thanks Cheryl! I agree about the scripted part, but for our first one we were pretty nervous about how it would go, and felt that a script might keep us better on target and not let Martin ramble too much. (Just joking, Martin!). We are going to try to be more “free form” for the next episode. It will take us a while to feel more comfortable with the recordings, but we’ll get there.

  3. Alan Field March 21, 2016

    Just listened to Marna’s SDSF SPE blog. Tried the DAA and DAL commands off the SYS panel. There seems to be a problem – I get one screen of results e.g. The DAA gives mr *MASTER* to GRS and I can’t see how to scroll to see the rest. Similarly DAL

    • Marna WALLE March 31, 2016

      Hi Alan, I’m seeing that too now that I tried scrolling. I’m scratching my head and I’ll figure out what is going on and put the answer here. Thanks for pointing that out.

    • Marna WALLE April 01, 2016

      Alan, here’s the scoop: You won’t see the whole command response on that panel with SDSF (under ISPF). You’ll only see the beginning of the response. However, you can see the whole command response from SDSF (under ISPF) with ULOG, so go there. Incidently and not related to the new SYS panel, if you are using SDSF from z/OSMF and issue a command, you will be able to scroll to get the whole command response within the window. (The SYS panel isn’t in z/OSMF at this time. ) I’ve made a suggestion that this is put in the help panels, as I did a lot of looking and I think I should have found this.

  4. Martin Packer March 24, 2016

    Thanks to Joe, Cheryl and Alan for your comments.

    Cheryl, we agree about the scriptedness; I think this is going to be a journey as we have a couple of things that are already scripted but hope to write looser outlines in future (and in some cases dispense with them).

    Alan, I’m afraid your comment will have to await Marna’s return from vacation.

    Thanks, Martin

  5. Very interesting and fun.

    • Marna WALLE March 31, 2016

      Thanks, John. If you’ve got anything you think we can have some fun with, let us know! We’ve got lots more items in the wings, and are just trying to find the recording time.

  6. Keith Winnard April 04, 2016

    Hi Marna. Hi Martin. Great job! I really like it, and looking forwards to future episodes .

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