Lisa Seacat DeLuca discusses her latest maker projects that use NFC tags.


In this video:

Lisa Seacat DeLuca, who presented a TED talk “A young inventor’s vision of the future” in September 2014 at the TED Institute and who was recently named one of the 25 most influential women in IoT, joined Michelle Corbin to talk about her latest technology fascination: Near-Field Communication (NFC).

(2:00) Lisa talks about her first NFC project: LaundryNFC. To teach herself about NFC and NFC tags, she solved a common problem for her: doing her laundry. She was a committer on the Apache Cordova project, which is a hybrid mobile development project, and she saw that there was a plugin for NFC, so she started exploring how to write NFC tags and created a mobile app that you tap to the NFC tag attached to your washer or dryer, and it sends you an alert you when your laundry is done.


(3:38) Lisa uses crowdfunding sites to fund some of her maker projects. She’s using Kickstarter to self-publish a children’s book, The Internet of Mysterious Things, which teaches kids (and their parents) about the common every day technologies that are a part of the things in the Internet of Things, by including NFC tags on pages that links out to videos that describes how these mysterious things actually work.


Learn more about the technologies Lisa used in her NFC projects

  • Apache Cordova, an open-source mobile development platform
  • phonegap-nfc plugin, an NFC plugin that lets you read and write NDEF messages to NFC tags and share NDEF messages with peers

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  1. I enjoyed talking with you Michelle! Thanks for having me on DeveloperWorks TV!

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