After playing to two full houses at SXSW, the panel “From Mobile First and Offline First” is taking over the airwaves of the New Builders Podcast.

For this third go-round, Offline Camp alums Maureen McElaney (IBM Watson Data Platform), Gregor Martynus (Neighbourhoodie), Nolan Lawson (Microsoft Edge and PouchDB) and Dan Zajdband (OpenNews) are joined by Alex Russell (Google Chrome) for a wide-ranging conversation on Offline First application development – the process of building apps to maintain performance even during network disruptions or downtime.

The panel discusses the indicators of a poor offline experience (12:45), how progressive web apps relate to offline first development (16:43), their current offline first projects and favorite tools and frameworks, including IBM Cloudant and Apache® CouchDB™ (23:10), why offline first could spell the end of the save button and lead to new design patterns (37:23), and how to get started (and what not to do) with offline first (54:26).

Watch Maureen McElaney’s session from JSConf EU 2017, “Go Offline First to Save the World”:

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Watson Data Platform Cloudant Offline First

[Learn More]: Build Offline First Apps with IBM Cloudant

IBM Cloudant, built on open source Apache® CouchDB™, delivers an always-on JSON data layer for powering Offline First apps. Features include:
  • Seamless data replication
  • Native iOS and Android libraries store JSON locally first
  • Interoperability with Apache CouchDB and PouchDB enables numerous Offline First data architectures

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