Videos to help you, the developer and designer, explain any technology you want to adopt to executive-level management. Cloud, cognitive, data, development, infrastructure, science, security, social, or transactional.

Thanks to the IBM Think Academy, these short videos will help explain to your boss any technology, tool, and implementation and help make the case for why your business needs to adopt them.

Here are some samples:


Cloud microservices. Microservices are an important piece of the new approach to cloud — many tiny pieces, in fact. But how do they all work together?


Cognitive solution. If you’re going to build a cognitive solution, it will probably help you to know what a cognitive solution is.


Data mining. How exactly does the business of data work? How do we combine different data sources and cognitive analytics to deliver new services that deliver tangible value?


Design thinking. Trying to solve a problem or find better ways of getting work done? Get familiar with IBM Design Thinking and Agile.


Bluemix. Bluemix is an implementation of IBM’s open cloud architecture that enables developers to rapidly build, deploy, and manage cloud applications, as well as access a growing ecosystem of IBM services.


Quantum computing. Quantum computing has the potential to solve some of the world’s most complex problems. So how are quantum computers different from the traditional computers we use today?


Mobile security. As mobile technology becomes more advanced, so do the security attacks. The Mobile Security Framework automatically fuses context and risk awareness into each security imperative to maximize mobility management and security effectiveness.


Social. Today it is not just about business, it’s about social business. Learn how the many different facets of a social business, from collaborative and analytics technologies to security solutions and governance guidelines, are helping IBM clients to empower, understand and trust people.


Blockchain. Learn more about how blockchain works and see it in action within the diamond industry, which has been plagued by fraud, theft, and controversy.

Each series contains a number of videos (just click on the series title), so take a look and become the Big Tech Know-It-All at your organization.

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