Videos to help you, the developer and designer, explain cognitive technologies you want to adopt to executive-level management. Thanks to IBM Think Academy.

In this series:


Thanks to the IBM Think Academy, these short videos will help explain to your boss what cognitive technologies and implementations are and help make the case for why your business needs to adopt them. Corresponding dWTV and developerWorks resources for developers in the right column.

Cognitive computing technologies

  • Big data and analytics on cloud
    Explore a scenario that shows how IBM’s unique data and analytics capabilities on the cloud function to create better outcomes for our clients’ customers.
  • Cognitive API
    Find out how Watson’s APIs make it fast and simple to build cognitive capabilities right into your solution.
  • Cognitive solution
    If you’re going to build a cognitive solution, it will probably help you to know what a cognitive solution is.
  • Dynamic automation
    To keep our clients’ IT systems healthy and available, IBM builds several types of automation into our infrastructure delivery. Dynamic automation responds and adapts to changing circumstances in the IT environment.
  • Smarter cities
    New advances are changing how city systems work both individually and together. But what does this actually look like in the real world?
  • Watson
    Discover how IBM Watson, as a cognitive technology, processes information more like a human than a computer – by understanding natural language, generating hypotheses based on evidence and continually learning.
  • Watson Health
    IBM and its partners are building solutions that will allow individual patients and larger health populations to benefit as providers share and apply insights in real time. Learn how the IBM Watson Health Cloud can help an avid runner with a heart condition continue to live an active life.

Cognitive computing | Create apps that accelerate, enhance, and scale the human expertise.

Developer Journeys | Everything you need to quickly solve real problems.

Building with Watson
The knowledge to jumpstart your cognitive application development.

Cognitive Computing
Create apps that accelerate, enhance, and scale the human experience.

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