Romeo chats with Lukas Haas at BaselHack17 about his use of The Things Network and Node-RED in his new business.

In this video:

Romeo chats with Lukas Haas, who is the city lead of The Things Network Basel Community. Lukas talks about his latest company, Room Escapes Basel, which he describes as a “smart room” that present participants with riddles and puzzles to escape from the room. Lukas became interested in The Things Network as a result of starting this company.

The Things Network is a global, open, crowd-sourced Internet of Things data network.

Source: The Things Network wiki

Lukas talks about the open source LoRaWAN network technology and how it is used in The Things Network. Romeo asks about how a Hello-World app would work when using The Things Network.

Lukas then talks about how he used Node-RED for the back-end system for his room escape, to manage the flow of messages for interacting with the participants in the room. He discovered Node-RED through The Things Network.

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