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March 19 – 22
Las Vegas

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Whether it’s 500 or 56,000 endpoints, you must determine malicious intent quickly

Connie Lamicela, technical officer for ESM Technology, explains that the BigFix User Groups perform a critical role for ESM – according to Connie, “they keep us informed of our customers’ needs.” Plus more.

Everything old is new again with blockchain and cloud

IBM Champion Glen Brumbaugh is a pioneer in messaging transactions and wants you to know that the future of MQ is in the cloud and blockchain. “The cloud is not just about hardware moving to a different place,” Glen says, “it’s an entirely new software stack, bottom to top.”

Augment the reality in your apps

Luigi Clivati of PIKKART, a company that creates augmented reality apps and works with computer vision and deep learning techniques, explains which IBM technologies his company uses in a single phrase – IBM Cloud. “We use IBM Cloud, so all our technology runs on IBM Cloud. We are planning to merge with the Watson Unity SDK soon.”

Bring your dark data into the light

IBM Champion Christopher Penn doesn’t want you to just sit on your data for two reasons – that can pose a security risk AND data is money for your company. Using a variety of technologies, learn how his company couples them with Watson Analytics for Social Media, Watson Explorer, and other Watson APIs.

Boost your data capabilities with machine learning

Brad Murphy, a content strategist for data science, business analytics, and machine learning, talks about operationalizing machine learning, data science practice and management, and the latest in the Dummies® series, “Machine Learning for dummies®” (a free ebook).

Keep your database knowledge up to date

Vicente Salvador, a director of the International Informix Users Group, explains how Think 2018 benefits the 25,000-plus users in his group through contact with thought leaders in the field of analytics.

Champions change the world through persistent integration of AI

Lifetime IBM Champion Tiago Moura explains how his company is weaving cognitive APIs into every bit of the enterprise space that they can, changing the world on the enterprise technology side through persistent integration of AI.

Customers provide sellers with the answer to software problems

Doug Isbecque of DataClarity Corporation gives us his advice on the value of user groups for a company: “The opportunity to learn the value of the software they have from their customers.”

Take advantage of a free developer trial of Db2 products

Peter Bradford, program director for the Hybrid Data Management Platform, shares his philosophy on how the different offerings of the Db2 family come together, starting with the free trial levels associated with Db2, Db2 Warehouse, Db2 Big SQL, and Db2 Event Store for developers.

Give and get: Join a User Group today

IBM Champion David Hablewitz, one of the founders of Seattle-based Bleeding Blue user group, talks about his group and how it is different from many user groups – it crosses disciplines within IBM software, including analytics, collaboration, and cognitive.

Automating your security software

Alex Nivin, IBM QRadar security app specialist at Sciencesoft, discusses adding capabilities to QRadar software. His focus is on adding automated performance tuning and health check features to the software.

Best practices to establish content and business process management

Three-time IBM Champion Rohit Gupta tells his Champion’s program stories, including how he established FileNet best practices.

Shape your industry with AI code patterns

IBM Champion Tanmay Bakshi talks about using the power of Watson to provide solutions to challenges facing health care, focusing on the belief that cognitive computing gives us the opportunity to understand patterns in health care data that we may never have been able to recognize before.

Discovering new uses for existing products

IBM Champion Joerg Rafflenbeul explains how he surfs the conference, looking for new ways to use his company’s IBM products.

Automating cancer drug deliveries

Swamy Srepreumbudur discusses interesting business cases, including a project that uses Watson, automation, and BPM to help predict deliveries of oncology drugs to communities experiencing cancer clusters to keep the wait time down for starting chemotherapy.

How to operationalize your data model for production

Jennifer Shin explains how a developer can leverage their experience in AI, data, and analytics into a career as a data scientist. Particularly on how to operationalize and productionize your data model.

Taming large amounts of event data to use for insight generation

Adam Storm discusses his demo, a partnership project with Lightbend that pulls in data from weather sensors, filters that data through the Lightbend app and then pushes the results into the IBM DB2 Event Store. The Event Store can present large amounts of data in a way it can be visualized using a graphic front end or absorbed by the IBM Data Science Experience for use in a notebook.

Managing data migration with your storage solution

Simon Lightstone, lead offering manager for DB2 on Cloud and Hosted, explains IBM’s position on hybrid data management storage, including how to manage the important issue of data migration.

Examine a cloud-ready data warehouse that offers integrated, collaborative analytics

Hemant Suri explains the IBM Integrated Analytics System, a cloud-ready data warehouse that provides easy-to-manage high performance analytics, integrates the IBM Data Science Experience so you can collaboratively analyze data, and helps you to train machine learning models from your data.

Open a bag of tools to help you use data science to build solutions

Selvan Chinnakrishnan talks about conducting data science workshops and how he engages developers to use data science – you start by identifying the business problem, then a team helps you leverage your own data (and insights from other publicly available data) to create your solution.



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Examine insights on infrastructure and cloud native computing

Rob Hirschfeld, CEO of RackN, previews the Think 2018 conference and provides his insights on infrastructure and cloud trends, cloud native computing, hybrid cloud and more.

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Explore trends in cloud networking and security

Alex Pollitt, CTO of Platform for Tigera, discusses the most significant trends in cloud networking and security, the latest with Project Calico and Tigera’s work with Istio and Kubernetes.

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Experience an interactive escape room

Bryan Childs and Elizabeth Noel invite you to Lab number 8366, where you work your way through a series of puzzles to discover the truth about your company’s latest data breach.

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Elaborate on the evolution and future of open technology

Lauren Cooney, CEO of SparkLabs, speaks with Swarna Podila, Senior Director of Community for Cloud Foundry, about how open source is evolving and where it’s heading.

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Enhancing your data security

Rich Miller, CEO of Telematica, and Val Bercovici, CEO of PencilDATA, discuss data security, provenance, privacy and more.