JCP’s Heather VanCura is a keen observer of trends and she has 10 suggestions on how to support women in technology.

Learn 10 ways to be an ally for women in technology, simple ways to support women in the workplace and the Java community. Some of the takeaways include

  • Tech is not a meritocracy, so you should spend some effort managing the perception of yourself.
  • Change your own perceptions, too; remember, “ally” should be a verb, not a noun, if it’s to do good.
  • Be aware of assignment distributions and willing to take charge of shuffling the work around.
  • Find your nice strong voice and don’t hesitate to use it.
  • Level the playing field by suggesting norms that a broader range of people would feel more comfortable with.

Heather VanCura has more. She manages the JCP Program Office and is responsible for the day-to-day nurturing, support, and leadership of the community. She oversees the website, JSR management and posting, community building, events, marketing, communications, and growth of the membership through new members and renewals.

Heather has a front row seat for studying trends within the community and recommending changes. Several changes to the program in recent years have included enabling broader participation, increased transparency and agility in JSR development.

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