Bradley Holt, Developer Advocate, IBM Cloud Data Services

Bradley Holt, Developer Advocate, IBM

Greg Avola, CTO, Untappd

Greg Avola, CTO, Untappd

The first episode of The New Builders podcast features a roundtable discussion with Greg Avola, CTO and co-founder of social beer app Untappd, and Bradley Holt, Developer Advocate for IBM Cloud Data Services.

Despite it being too early in the day for a round of IPAs, the conversation quickly became an engaging overview of topics like why Untappd built its architecture on a LAMP solution stack (12:55), how open source helps Avola’s team “get stuff done and innovate products” (14:30), progressive HTML5 web apps (18:51), why you may want to develop your app with an offline-first approach (22:36), how the app experience differs from web vs. mobile (28:50), and how a beer recommendation engine might join forces with Marvin, the Rock-Paper-Scissors playing robot (35:18).

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