What if developers had the power to create a pre-development market focus group for their app? Introducing Watson Explorer.

As a developer, what if you possessed a tool that would allow you gather up tons of Twitter data, say, in the form of tweet streams on topics relevant to your next development project, and be able to pull out the tweets that correspond with your project by their keywords, find all the comments on user features, and analyze them for their positive and negative sentiments?

It would be like having a pre-market focus group for free. One that could help guide your development decisions into making a more desirable product.

In this short demo, you’ll see an analysis using Watson Explorer that dives into a tweet stream on smartphones and teases out the information connections between topics and features and how people feel about each. This presentation focuses on more than 1,300 tweets, but the process is easily scalable.

Watson Explorer is a cognitive search and content analysis platform that gives you access to insights from all the data you care about, so you can develop the application your users will want, right from the start. Search and analyze structured, unstructured, internal, external, and public content to uncover trends and patterns that improve your production process decision-making and boost your productivity. Leverage built-in machine learning, natural language processing, and next-gen APIs to unlock the value hidden in your data. Understand your customers in context in order to deliver superior application experiences.

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