Steven Frank explains how CaféWell and Watson Health helped him take control of type II diabetes and transform his way back to health.

Steven Frank needed help managing his diabetes, so he turned to CaféWell provided by Welltok, who is integrating the intelligent services of Watson and Watson Health.

Steven’s own words describe the experience best:

“It’s technology, but it’s personal because it knows who you are, it knows what your goals are, and it knows what your day is like and it can help you to follow through with this transformation and make those small changes that add up over a course of time and really can, just, completely transform someone’s life.”

CaféWell is a health destination for everyone, that doesn’t treat you like just anyone. It gives you the support you need to help you take control of your health. Caféwell learns who you are and makes wellness-based recommendations based on what you want to accomplish with your health, and it helps you track your progress – all in a private environment.

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