In just 6 short minutes, you can learn how to monitor your home environment from anywhere using a Texas Instruments LaunchPad board and Watson IoT Platform.

In this video:

In this video, Chris Anderson demonstrates how to use Node-RED and Watson IoT Platform to connect a Texas Instruments LaunchPad board to alert a homeowner when someone unexpectedly jumps or falls into their swimming pool.


In this home monitoring scenario, Chris uses Watson IoT Platform to collect and analyze data from a TI LaunchPad IoT development kit, specifically a SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 LaunchPad Kit that adds an accelerometer and a temperature sensor on the board. The data is sent to Watson IoT Platform where a Node-RED app will analyze the data and make a determination about whether someone has jumped (or fallen) in to the pool, which is simulated with a tub of water.

Chris walks through the nodes in the sample Node-RED app for how the data is collected from Watson IoT Platform, how it is sent back to Watson IoT Platform, and how it is analyzed against thresholds and the weather data from the Weather Service node. He also mentions adding additional sensors or cameras to this home monitoring solution to provide even more context to the data.


Chris then demonstrates the sample app’s dashboard within Watson IoT Platform that lets you visualize the data that is being collected from the sensors and from the app.

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