Build systems that can run high-processing workloads in a scalable and efficient manner

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Kikia Carter is a Principle Enterprise Architect at Lightbend and she has a passion for leading enterprise transformations and creating innovative solutions using emerging technologies to modernize heritage environments, and she finds her most joyous moments when she’s developing large-scale distributed systems using Reactive Principles.

Kikia talks with Grace Jansen about Lightbend and its work in Scala and Akka to help companies build systems that can run high-transaction workloads in a scalable and efficient manner. She discusses the Lightbend partnership with IBM which allows IBM to build out AI and machine learning platforms that require high-processing workloads. Kikia also covers the Reactive Principles — responsiveness, resilience, elasticity, and message driven.

Grace is a technical evangelist at IBM, primarily advocating for the Reactive Platform. Her degree is in Biology with a specialty in the modeling and prediction of biological systems.

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