Brian begins by giving a high-level overview of how Node-RED works, which is by sending messages along connectors between nodes. A node sends the initial message, such as when a network request is received, when someone posts to social media, when an event is generated by hardware, or when an event initiated by software timer.

Brian then explains some of the basic nodes used in your flows, like the inject node, which you use to manually send messages, and the debug node, which lets you see the messages being sent. Brian shows how to organize your flows in your Node-RED app, and how to deploy changes to your flows.

Brian steps you through how to create a basic Node-RED application that gets the latest news, using the feedparse node and debug node to see the content of the feed. To identify whether the news is good or bad, he adds a sentiment node. He shows how the different output options displays the messages, which might get truncated.