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Developer Diaries: The evolution of AI and gaming with Otis Smart

Artificial intelligence has come a long way since its inception. Originally created to help us understand the growing amounts of data in the world, AI allows us to and fix problems previously thought to be impossible. In this video, IBM Developer Advocate Otis Smart explains just how AI is impacting the gaming industry and our everyday lives.

In the world of gaming, early video games used predictable patterns for their non-player characters, or NPCs. User behavior didn’t influence the actions of NPCs, so players would get the same gaming experience time and time again. As artificial intelligence kept moving forward, the gaming experience did as well. Today, AI uses data collection and analysis of user behaviors to adapt NPCs to user interactions. Because AI improves as it is fed more data, games have become more realistic over time, delivering a unique experience where NPCs feel human-like in their ability to adapt to the behaviors of individual players. This concept of data improving experiences is a foundational part of AI and stretches far beyond just video games.

There are aspects that developers experience through gaming that can also be applied to our work in enterprise development. For example, I’ve built machine learning models using AI and data from The Weather Company to predict crop yields and field boundaries for agricultural clients so that they can make more intelligent decisions about how they utilize natural resources like water. Data has also been used for more practical problems like vegetation management, where we can build machine learning models using satellite imagery to predict tree heights for clients to more economically dispatch tree trimming staff.

AI systems like IBM Watson have a critical role to play in building a superior, differentiated experience that leads to better app performance. For more on the work we’re doing with AI and climate, check out the climate rating system deployment tools available on IBM Cloud. If you are just getting started with AI, check out this excellent resource from O’Reilly.

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