Hybrid cloud architecture: Part 3 Security – IBM Developer

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Hybrid cloud architecture: Part 3 Security

About this video

Sai Vennam is back for the third and final installation of his lightboarding video series on hybrid cloud architecture. This time, he focuses on the ever-important topic of security. To tackle a tricky subject like hybrid cloud security, Sai addresses three main topics:

  • North-south network traffic and the perimeter security for traffic between end user apps and data centers/n-premise or public/private cloud environments.
  • East-west network traffic and segmentation of security for communication happening between services running on-premise and your public/private cloud environments.
  • DevSecOps, which is a way to make sure that security is something that is baked into DevOps. This helps you think about security from the ground up, from when you start architecting the app all the way until you move into production.