Hyperledger Fabric Business Use Cases

About this video

This session on IBM Blockchain attempts to uncover the promise of Blockchain for enterprises, which goes beyond its role as an industry disruptor. It also has tremendous potential to improve existing business processes, as well as to improve efficiencies in existing transaction systems, leading to exponential cost saving for the enterprise and the end consumer. Disintermediation and disruption is the investment magnet for Blockchain-related ideas,

In the video I am discussing three Blockchain solutions that were developed by IBM which are generally available in production:

  • Food Safety – a solution that provides value to the entire food ecosystem from the farm across the entire supply chain to the point of sale.
  • TradeLens – a digital solution for global ocean shipping industry.
  • WorldWire – a new global financial rail that allows banks and financial institutions to send and settle payments around the globe with finality in a matter of seconds,