IBM Cloud Code Engine is a developer’s dream

About this video

This webinar discusses how IBM Cloud Code Engine containerizes and deploys your code to the cloud. During the hands-on lab, you to deploy source code to the cloud using IBM Cloud Code Engine.

IBM Cloud Code Engine helps you create modern, source-centric, containerized, and serverless apps and jobs that run on your Kubernetes cluster. The platform is designed to address the needs of developers who just want their code to run. Code Engine abstracts the operational burden of building, deploying, and managing workloads in Kubernetes so that developers can focus on what matters most to them: the source code.

An IBM Cloud account is needed for this practical workshop.

Speaker bio

Developer advocate Jaffa Sztejnbok specializes in analytics and cloud technologies. She works with Israeli startups to build the architecture and design for their complex solutions through the IBM Alpha Zone accelerator startup program. She has vast experience with pre-sale through delivery, from requirement gathering, definition, and design to implementation.