Confidential computing

Today, data is often encrypted at rest in storage and in transit across the network, but applications and the sensitive data they process are vulnerable to unauthorized access and tampering while they are running. Confidential computing protects data and applications by running them in secure enclaves that isolate the data and code to prevent unauthorized access. While confidential computing is revolutionizing how customers protect their sensitive data, organizations need to simplify the process of creating enclaves, managing security policies, and enable applications to take advantage of confidential computing.

IBM Cloud Data Shield provides a cloud-native confidential computing service that enables users to run containerized applications in a secure enclave on an IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service host, providing data-in-use protection. IBM Cloud customers can choose from pre-enabled applications such as MySQL, NGINX, and Vault, or convert existing or customer applications to run inside secure enclaves.

In this session, we demonstrate how to use IBM Cloud Data Shield to secure applications and data in the cloud.

This webcast covers:

  • An introduction to confidential computing.
  • Top public cloud use cases and applications for confidential computing.
  • A demonstration of using pre-enabled containerized applications and customized applications in secure enclaves with IBM Cloud Data Shield.


  • Anand Kashyap, Co-founder and CTO, Fortanix
  • Pratheek Karnati, Senior Software Architect for Cloud Security, IBM