Introduction to containers with Node.js and Kubernetes

Explore the Red Hat OpenShift development environment and learn how to use many of the best parts of OpenShift. This workshop starts with a basic overview of containers, Docker, Kubernetes, microservices, and OpenShift. Then, during the hands-on exercises, you deploy a sample Node.js application on Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud with a Docker image.

Learn how to:

  • Visualize, browse, and manage the contents of projects with the OpenShift web client
  • Manage your applications with the command-line interface (CLI)
  • Use OpenShift REST APIs to manage end-user applications, the cluster, and the users of the cluster

Additional OpenShift management basics are also covered, such as:

  • Creating projects and assign their users
  • Managing containers with builds and deployments
  • Networking and load balancing
  • OpenShift-based hosting with exposed services, the routes to the services, and scaling aspects of the container orchestration
  • Using continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) toolchains

Hands-on examples include deploying a basic application from the source to a running image (Source-to-Image) and from GitHub to a running image (Github-to-Image).

Learn more about how to build smart on Kubernetes.