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OpenJDK with Eclipse OpenJ9: give your Java applications a thrill!

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About this presenation

With last year’s contribution of over 3.5 million lines of source code to the Eclipse OpenJ9 open source project on GitHub, the Java ecosystem now has a second fully open source Java Virtual Machine successfully battle-tested by more than 10 years of enterprise production use. When built with the OpenJDK class libraries, the OpenJ9 JVM operates underneath the stable Java APIs to start your Java applications 30% faster while running in half the resident memory footprint without losing performance.

This session introduces Eclipse OpenJ9 in more detail and explains how it delivers these incredible results. Take a look at some amazing features already available in this JVM, as well as some of the future innovation being developed at the project in the open. Learn how easily you can test drive your Java applications using pre-built, production-ready, certified OpenJDK with Eclipse OpenJ9 binaries from the community-driven

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