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Is 2020 the Year of COBOL?

COBOL has long been an upstanding pillar of enterprise computing, and its prevalence comes as no surprise to anybody with experience working with large, mission-critical applications. What nobody predicted was the amount of discussion it would garner over the past few weeks. Full Stack Academy founders David Yang and Nimit Maru took notice, and they also took notice of Jeff Bisti’s Introduction to COBOL programming language video on YouTube and Twitter. A few emails later and a plan was set to talk with Jeff about COBOL’s re-emergence into the spotlight on an upcoming episode of Fullstack Academy’s livestream.

The talk, which runs just over an hour, touches on the structure and flow of the language, how it fits into a modern enterprise environment, and just what sits behind the doors on those fancy-looking mainframe computers. For those new to the IBM Z mainframe platform, the talk gives a good primer on a lot of the technology and terminology that makes up the foundation of enterprise computing. The more seasoned among us will probably enjoy watching experienced full-stack engineers hear about the world of IBM Z for the first time.

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For more on COBOL, be sure to check out all of the helpful resources on the IBM Developer COBOL hub.