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Jabrils answers the call with a machine learning app to help victims during floods

About this video

Developer and YouTuber Jabrils is back with another interesting and cool app! He’s taking on the Call for Code 2019 Global Challenge Watch himself and he’s targeting floods for his app, Project Safe Waters. Using a neural network and machine learning, see how Jabrils can accurately predict threat levels of flood waters!

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Answer the call

As of today, July 22, you have one week left until submissions for the Call for Code 2019 Global Challenge close on July 29. We at IBM Developer believe in developers and the possibilities they can make to help mitigate the effects of natural disasters. We’ve seen some really great ideas come out of 24-hour hackathons, so if you’re worried that you won’t have enough time, why not spend a few days before submissions close to see what you can build? What life-saving apps do you have in mind? Here are some resources for you to finish up your life-saving application: