Knative 101

About this video

This webinar provides a quick overview of Knative and its various features and components. During the hands-on lab, you install Knative to your Kubernetes cluster and deploy a Node.js application to Knative, which scales up when in use and then scales back down to zero when no longer in use.

Knative is a new open source project that’s generating a lot of excitement in the Kubernetes and serverless communities. It’s a great fit for application developers, especially those who already use Kubernetes, because it allows you to focus more on your business logic and less on infrastructure.

Knative is made up of two primitives for enabling serverless applications on Kubernetes: serving and eventing. The serving component supports serving your applications, managing traffic, routing, and autoscaling. Eventing enables you to create event producers and consumers for your applications. These components attempt to identify common patterns and best practices for others to use and build upon.

An IBM Cloud account is needed for this practical workshop as well as access to the Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud lab environment.

Speaker bio

Developer advocate Jaffa Sztejnbok specializes in analytics and cloud technologies. She works with Israeli startups to build the architecture and design for their complex solutions through the IBM Alpha Zone accelerator startup program. She has vast experience with pre-sale through delivery, from requirement gathering, definition, and design to implementation.