Mainframe a La Mode: Enterprise app development with IBM Z Open Editor, IBM Wazi, and Zowe

In this webinar, IBM Senior Software Engineer Peter Haumer explores different scenarios for how the next generation of IBM Z enterprise development tools can run on many different platforms and integrate with modern DevOps pipelines that support agile development practices. Access your COBOL, PL/I, HLASM, or JCL code from your z/OS using Zowe or Git, edit them locally in VS Code or your favorite editor, and then compile and test your changes directly out of your workspace with IBM User Build and Dependency Based Build. Learn how you can move your entire development team into the hybrid cloud and provide simple installations of entire development tool and middleware stacks with a few mouse clicks using Red Hat OpenShift and CodeReady Workspaces. Deploy IBM Wazi Sandbox in OpenShift to give every developer access to their own x86-emulated z/OS environment as well.

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