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Microservices for beginners

About this video

For cloud native-applications, Kubernetes and Istio provide a variety of key functionality out-of-the-box, which works generically for microservices regardless of the language they are implemented in and without changes to the application logic. However, some functionality cannot be covered by orchestration frameworks and service meshes. Instead, it must be handled in the business logic of the microservices. For example, application-specific failover functionality, metrics, and fine-grained authorizations.

In this session, we use a concrete example to show how you to create microservices with JavaEE and Eclipse MicroProfile, and how to roll out and run them on Kubernetes and Istio. MicroProfile itself has some convenient features that are typically needed for the development of microservices, such as calls to REST APIs and implementation of REST APIs, including their documentation. For this session, we use our cloud-native-starter example code, which was released on GitHub as open source, along with scripts for fast deployments to Minikube, and lots of instructions and information.

About this series

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