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Node.js Community update: Build Working Group

In this video, Michael Dawson chats with Ash Cripps, Node.js core collaborator and member of the Node.js Build Working Group. He talks about his work within the Build Working Group, including his focus on the Mac infrastructure and improving download stats, as well as updating docs and membership.

Ash chats about his work keeping the Mac infrastructure updated, including:

  • Transitioning to Orka which allows you to deploy full-weight MacOS VMs in Kubernetes
  • Updating to a modern operating systems
  • Enabling notaries that let them provide binaries to everyone
  • Testing new DTKs

They also chat about the Build team’s use of Ansible to update and maintain so many platforms at once, support for IBM i, and automating download metrics.

Learn how you can get involved in the Build Working Group and great ways to start in a new open source community (docs!).