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Programming on quantum computers, Part 5: Quantum teleportation algorithm

About this video

In part 5 of the “Programming on quantum computers” series, Abe explains what quantum teleportation is and demonstrates how to build a quantum teleportation circuit. In a classical computer, copying something and transferring it from one place to another isn’t an issue. However, in quantum computers, the act of trying to transfer by copying is not allowed. The moment you copy something, you’re implicitly performing a measurement, which in turn destroys the quantum state that you’re trying to transfer. In this video, you’ll learn that using quantum entanglement as a resource helps to avoid this issue.

About the series

The “Programming on quantum computers” series introduces you to quantum computers and shows you how to program quantum algorithms on them. Once you understand how to program quantum computers using Qiskit, you can focus on various application areas, including quantum chemistry, the development of quantum algorithms, and even learn how to program games based on quantum computing.

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