Secure MongoDB Enterprise on Red Hat OpenShift

Deploying a MongoDB cluster can be a challenge because you must account for numerous configurations, such as setting up the instances, providing backups, and networking. The MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator minimizes and standardizes these steps in your Kubernetes or Red Hat OpenShift environments, which simplifies the deployment of a MongoDB database in your own environment.

This webinar replay is for developers, architects, and anyone interested in OpenShift and Kubernetes security. Our demonstration of the Secure MongoDB Enterprise on Red Hat OpenShift tutorial steps with a Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud cluster shows you how to:

  • Use the Red Hat Marketplace and install operators
  • Install MongoDB Enterprise Advanced Operator in OpenShift and deploy a MongoDB replica set by using the operator
  • Secure the MongoDB deployment with authentication and add TLS by using the cert-manager operator.
  • Connect an example microservice with the secure MongoDB deployment

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