Securing multi-tenant Kubernetes with RBAC, IAM, NetworkPolicy, and PSP

About this video

Dig into the details of Kubernetes security concepts, how they work, and how they help introduce network and compute isolation to secure a Kubernetes cluster in a multi-tenant environment. Learn concepts such as network policies, role based access control (RBAC), pod security policies (PSP), resource quota, and limit ranges with examples of their usage. In addition, you’ll get the latest exploration and challenges on using Kata containers for stronger compute isolation.

This video is part of an extended series on cloud-native security. Get access to the free, on demand replay of the Cloud Native Security Digital Developer Conference, which features tracks dedicated to application security, data security, and DevSecOps.

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About the speaker

Jeremias Werner is a senior software developer with IBM Cloud, lead architect of the IBM Cloud Functions service, and initial committer of the Apache OpenWhisk project. Most recently, he is focused on the adoption of Kubernetes, Istio, and Knative.