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Freddy Guime is a Principal Developer at Expedia who demostrates a dogged curiosity about how to make the overabundance of data useful for travelers, traders, and consumers through usability. His experience working with different technologies makes him a perfect candidate to build solutions that render bottleneck problems obsolete. Freddy is the author and maintainer of the Java Pub House, a podcast dedicated to tutorial topics in Java that covers everything from the use of the keyword volatile to the definition of beautiful code, as well as Java Off Heap, a java news podcast.

Freddy talks with Mary Grygleski about moving from CJUG (Chicago Java Users Group) to SeaJUG (Seattle Java User Group) and his efforts to widen the memberships of both groups to be more inclusive. Freddy’s take on the best way to produce efficient, maintainable open source software is to always be going back to your group and engaging-engaging-engaging the members of the developer community. Freddy says that when that engagement happens, “you start seeing this growth of influence that you can provide and that influence enables others to do things.”

One of Freddy’s best tips on keeping your user group active — redundancy in leadership.

Because leaders move to other jobs, necessitating a change in group, there should be layers of leadership at all times.

In other words, if you are a leader, spread your influence around so that you are not that important to the functioning of the group.

Mary is a passionate software technologist who appreciates good craftsmanship and desires to be a contributor to making people’s lives better through technology.

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