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The Future of OpenJDK with Eclipse OpenJ9 VM for Cloud-Native Java

In this episode of IBM Expert TV – Let’s Code, IBM Java chief architect and Eclipse OpenJ9 project lead Mark Stoodley and IBM Runtimes project manager Murali Veeravalli discuss the future of OpenJDK with Eclipse OpenJ9 VM for cloud-native Java.

With the launch of IBM Semeru Runtimes, IBM makes it easier than ever for Java developers to write and run applications in the cloud and in data centers. IBM Semeru Runtimes use the class libraries from OpenJDK along with the Eclipse OpenJ9 JVM to enable you to build and deploy Java applications that will start quickly and deliver great performance, all while using less memory. Join us as we take the wraps off IBM Semeru Runtimes and see for yourself the benefits and innovation OpenJ9 and IBM Semeru Runtimes offer.

Next steps

Learn how to get started with IBM Semeru Runtimes, then check out the flexible, cost-effective and enterprise-grade support for your Java deployments.