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The web is bigger than we are: Accessibility matters

About this video

Chris DeMars is a front-end developer first and a UX architect always with a strong belief in contributing back to the community (as he’s done as a Microsoft MVP in developer technologies, a Google Developer Expert in web technologies, an organizer for Vuetroit, and co-organizer for the Ann Arbor Accessibility Group). Chris loves coming up with solutions for enterprise applications, including modular CSS architectures, performance, and advocating for web accessibility.

“The web is bigger than we are and we should be catering to everyone — this stuff matters.”

Chris and Billy Korando talk about accessibility and how Marcy Sutton inspired his passion for building an accessible web and for making presentations on the subject. Some tips on how to bring accessibility to your coding include:

  • Writing semantic markup
  • Adding alt attributes to your images
  • Adding language abbreviations to the opening HTML
  • Making sure your color contrast works
  • Choosing the best typography

Billy is a developer advocate with IBM with more than a decade of experience. He is passionate about exploring ways to reduce mental capacity waste from tedious work through automation and good management practices.

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